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A Pirate ship

Ahoy there captain! Make this fantastic pirate ship and sail the seas looking for treasure!

What you will need:

  • An empty fizzy pop plastic bottle
  • An empty milk carton
  • Two Straws
  • A single cone from an egg carton
  • 1 cup of sand
  • Scissors (make sure you ask an adult for help with these)
  • A cocktail stick
  • Blank white paper
  • Paint
Adult supervision recommended 1

Firstly, you can make the most important part... the jolly roger pirate flag! Cut out a rectangular shape from the white paper and paint it black. Leave it until it is dry, then with a small paint brush, paint on a skull and cross bones. This might be tricky, so you could ask an adult to do this for you.

how to make a pirate ship
Adult supervision recommended 2

To make the body of the ship, lie the plastic bottle on its side, cut out a rectangular shape and pour in the sand. Then, cut off the bottom of the milk carton and stick it to the inside of the plastic bottle to make a cabin.

Adult supervision recommended 3

Using the tip of the scissors, you should carefully make two holes in the centre of the top of the cabin, only big enough so that straws can fit through. Poke the straws through the holes.

Adult supervision recommended 4

Cut a blank A4 piece of paper, long ways, down the middle. To make the sails of your pirate ship you will need to make holes, running down the middle of both pieces of paper. You can then thread the two pieces of paper onto the two straws. And you’re almost ready to set sail!

Adult supervision recommended 5

Next, take a single cone from the egg carton and poke a hole through the bottom. Slide the cone over one of the straws (masts) and fix in place using some sticky tape. Then, put some blue tack in the top of one of the masts.


Using some sticky tape, stick your jolly roger flag to the cocktail stick and stick it in the blue tack. You now have your crow’s nest and flag in place, so you can set sail and go treasure hunting!

Anchors aweigh!

Adult supervision recommended Adult supervision recommended

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